MONDAY: Five Blogs We Love


It’s Monday and we’re going to talk about five blogs we love. We think you’ll like them too.

Young House Love
Jon and Sherry Petersik started out blogging about the rennovations of their first home several years back. They did it with such style and purpose that three houses and two children later, Young House Love is their full time occupation. They’ve published two books and developed their own line of hardware sold exclusively at Target. About a year ago they took a break from the blog, but it appears they might be making a slow return. We hope they do.

Richmond Beermeister
What’s not lot love? Richmond is becoming a great town for craft beers. Richmond Brewmeister share reviews of the latest offerings and keeps you up to date on the latest beer happenings around town.

Viral Upcycle
Truth be told, we just found this one. But we love how Heather Iglesias takes ordinary objects, and sometimes things headed for the trash and reworks them into beautiful and useful objects. Heather says, “Upcycling can give you a beautiful creative life while being frugal and thoughtful of earth’s resources.”

Susan Whetzel is a wife and mom living in and blogging from a small town in Southwest Virginia. But that doesn’t keep her from traveling and blogging about great food and ideas. She’s published three cookbooks including one exclusively about S’mores.

Tom Vander Well writes about life, faith, and theater, among other things. Daily he takes a passage of Scripture and expounds on it with profound insight. He also talks about his wife, his daughters and his home on the lake.

Have a favorite blog? Leave a link in the comments. We’ll check it out.

photo credit: Keyboard Blue Glow via photopin (license)

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