Five Cost Cutting Tips for Your Next Event


Working on a budget for your next meeting? Who isn’t, right?

Here are some tips to keep the budget from getting out of hand.

1) Instead of a sit-down plated dinner, consider instead a reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres, maybe a
pasta bar, or a mashed potato bar. Have an ending and starting time so that your attendees can make plans
afterward to go out and continue their evening on their own or so that they can head back to their room to

2) Take a look at what A/V you actually need for your meeting. Do you really need so many Power Points?

3) Consider trimming back on decor. Depending on your venue, you might be able to install your own. Take a
look at the room or venue that you’re using, can you enhance the features rather than hide them with
decorations? Maybe you don’t need to consider such an elaborate theme for your event.

4) Save on speaker fees by using the experts within your own organization. Sure the big names may be a draw,
but if a fellow employee can provide an entertaining and informative presentation, give them a shot. If you
do hire an outside speaker, offer them the opportunity to stay around for a book signing (and selling).

5) Can you adjust your dates? Sometimes a venue might be booked on your preferred dates, but if you can be
a bit flexible, they may just be willing to give you a deal to fill a void in their calendar.

What ways have you cut back on meeting budgets? Share your ideas in the comments.

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