Why the Cornucopia?


Origins of the cornucopia go back to ancient mythology. It was the attribute of several Greek and Roman deities, most of all those associated with the harvest or spiritual abundance.

Here in America, the cornucopia has become associated mostly with Thanksgiving. The display usually consists of a hollow, horn-shaped basket filled with an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Want to make a cornucopia of your own? Check out these resources.

Martha Stewart offers instructions to make a handmade cornucopia from raffia. Then she recommends filling it with wheat stalks, squash, apples and pears.

Make it a family project. KidzWorld gives instructions to make a cornucopia from breadstick dough that’s edible when you’re through with the display.

Favecrafts walks you through the instructions for making a cornucopia including suggestions for how to modify a craft store cone-shaped basket.

LilyShop offers instructions for three different types of cornucopia, including making one from pizza dough.

Artists Helping Children suggests several ways for kids to make a cornucopia. Check out the felt one made for holding silverware or a cornucopia wall hanging.

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.
– Henry David Thoreau

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