Behold, the cranberry


What is it about cranberries?

While Virginians know that there were likely no cranberries at the real first Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation, it is believed that cranberries were among the bounty that Native Americans shared with the pilgrims.

Cranberries are a fruit that grows on long-running vines in sandy bogs and marshes. They are one of only three fruits native to North America. They grow mostly in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest.

Cranberries are of course associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the movie Shadowlands about C.S. Lewis and his relationship with Joy Gresham (whom he later married) there’s a seen with Lewis and young Douglas Gresham who is missing being home for the holidays. It goes like

Lewis: You wish you were at home, don’t you?

Douglas: We always have a turkey for Christmas at home.

Lewis: Well, we’ll have turkey here too.

Douglas: With cranberry sauce? – My dad loves cranberry sauce.

Lewis: Does he?

(To Mrs. Young, the Housekeeper)

Lewis: We wouldn’t happen to have any cranberry sauce, would we?

Mrs. Young: Cranberry sauce? What’s that?

Lewis: Well, my guess is it’s a sauce, made from cranberries.

Mrs. Young: Well, Mr. Lewis, if you can find me some cranberries, I’ll sauce ’em.

He did, and she did, but it wasn’t what young Douglas was hoping for.

Cranberries are a must at Thanksgiving, and there are many ways to serve them. Rather than pick
out a handful of recipes we found several sites that offer a variety of cranberry recipes.

Spectacular Thanksgiving Sides from Southern Living
There’s something for everyone in this special collection of Thanksgiving side dish recipes.
Find familiar favorites, along with tempting new creations to try on your Thanksgiving menu.

Fresh Cranberry Recipes from Martha Stewart

The Best Cranberry Desserts You’ll Ever Make from Huffington Post
No Thanksgiving feast would be complete without the requisite cranberry sauce. And they’re
pretty much the best part of any Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. But cranberries can do more
than accompany turkey — their unique tart flavor and ruby red color turn any standard dessert
into a stunning one.

Top Cranberry Sauce Recipes from The Food Network
Try new ways to make cranberry sauce with recipes from Food Network chefs.

21 Cranberry Recipes from Coastal Living
Don’t get bogged down thinking cranberries are just for traditional sauce. There’s way more to
this tart treat.

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