Vintage Holiday Toys

Toys these days are great. Whether your child is into cars or dolls or video games, the choices are endless.

But nothing quite beats the classics. Here are some of our favorite toys from the 1960s.

larrythelionLarry the Lion
In 1962 Mattel introduced Larry the Talking Lion. Larry was a plus toy with a pull string that made his mouth move while he uttered different sayings.













Flea Circus Magnetic Action Game
Each player attempts to make their mad magnetic fleas do a five out of a possible ten circus tricks in this 1965 game from Mattel.




Kenner, Inc. first introduced Spirograph in the United States in 1966. It’s a geometric drawing toy that uses plastic gears to create shapes. Now a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc., the Spirograph was re-launched in the U.S. in 2013 by Kahootz Toys.




creepycrawlersCreepy Crawlers
Also known as Thingmaker, Creepy Crawlers were introduced by Mattel in 1964. The Thingmaker has a series of die-cast molds resembling bug-like creatures. A hot liquid called Plastigoop is poured into the molds which are heated over an open-face hot plate oven.




secretsamSecret Sam Secret Agent Kit
The Secret Sam Secret Agent Kit came in its own plastic briefcase which concealed a camera, weapons that could be assembled to make larger versions, and a series of plastic bullets.

No doubt most of these toys would no longer pass the safety or political correctness tests.

But kids of the 1960s seemed to do just fine with them.

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