Finding the Perfect Gift for Him


Sometimes the most stressful part of the holiday season is searching for that perfect gift. When you’re looking for that item for the man in your life you might think another tie, another power tool, or even socks and underwear.

Sure, those are all practical, thoughtful gifts. But maybe, just maybe there’s a little something special you can find for him. consider these choices.

transporterNone of us will likely be around when transporters actually…um…materialize, but your man can share the experience with these LED coasters that simulate the Star Trek transporter experience.




jerkygramIt’s the ultimate in snacks. Try sending him a beefy pick-me-up in the form of a Jerky Gram. Choose from Exotic Meats, Bacons or even Booze-Infused.





whiskeyOr maybe you can give him his own personalized Whiskey barrel from Uncommon Goods.






droidFor the Star Wars fan, why not give him the BB-8™, the app-enabled Droid™? The advanced intelligence and interaction is unlike anything previously experienced in a robotic toy.




ducttapeAnd, if you’re looking for practical, what’s more practical than duct tape? Give him the chance to always be prepared by carrying duct tape on his keys.



This holiday season, think outside the box.

He’ll be glad you did.

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