Finding the perfect gift for her


Christmas is next week and you still don’t have any idea what you’re getting her, do you?

Run, do not walk, past the apliances and kitchen utensils.

Sure you can go the traditional route of jewelry and fragrances. And if you’re this late, you just
might want to do that.

But why not show her you put a little extra thought into it this year? Here are some suggestions for
some unique gift choices. Maybe they’ll be the perfect choice, or maybe they’ll inspire you.

Have some other ideas? Share them in the comments.

facemugHow about a Face Mug?
It’s enough to hold your coffee plus keep your snack warm.



nanotipsNanotips Touchscreen Glove Solution

Baby it’s cold outside and no one wants to take off their gloves just to answer and send a text. Nanotips is a fast-drying liquid that helps make the fingertips of your gloves touch screen friendly.



r2tea2Artoo Tea-Too
Celebrate Christmas and the release of the new Star Wars film with this R2-D2 teapot.





engravedwineEngraved, stemless, wine glasses
Each wine glass features a different hummingbird fluttering above a spray of cherry blossoms. Personalization is available.



adultcolorAdult Coloring Book
Coloring is no longer just for kids. Adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular. Choose from several designs to find the perfect one.

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