Fresh Beginnings

Image:  Natasha Vasiljeva via Unsplash

Image: Natasha Vasiljeva via Unsplash

The holidays are almost over with the traditional end of the Christmas season being Epiphany on January 6.

Many of you have no doubt already packed away the decorations for next year and are settling down for the winter months.

Maybe you got a new calendar, or a new coloring book, or a new coloring book calendar.

But it’s time to look forward to what 2016 can bring.

Here at Historic Occassions we’ll be talking more about events, and event planning. What does it take to plan a successful event? What does it take to become a successful event planner?

Do you plan weddings? Parties? Conventions?

In some ways they’re all related but in many more ways they’re all different.

Join us here in 2016 as we look at great event venues, particularly historic venues in Virginia and the Southeast, and as we offer many ideas on how to make the most of your event, all while keeping within your budget.

Along the way we’ll talk about the meetings industry and the latest trends.

Give us your questions or your post ideas in the comments!

And, Happy New Year!