Best Zoom Meeting Practices

It’s highly likely that since the initial lockdown for the Coronavirus that you’ve been subjected to, or I mean, allowed to participate in one or more electronic meetings. Most likely on Zoom.

While some of this should be common sense, let’s talk about Best Practices for a Zoom Meeting.

Here are some things that should help.

1. Use the video option. People want to see your smiling face even if you’re wearing the same pair of pajamas you put on in March.

2. That said, don’t wear your pajamas, even if they’re freshly laundered. At last put on a clean shirt and comb your hair.

3. Have good lighting. You can spend a lot of money on lighting and you should if you’re planning on making videos. But make sure that your face can be seen.

4. Figure out where the camera is on your device. Use a Post-It if you need to to flag where you should be looking.

5. Don’t sign onto your first Zoom meeting at one minute before start time. You’ll need to download the app and make sure your system is compatible.

6. If you’re not talking, put your computer on mute. That way if the doorbell rings and your dogs go crazy, the meeting won’t be interrupted.

7. Don’t eat during the meeting. It’s just not nice. A cup of coffee or a bottle of water is fine. Don’t bring your snacks.

8. And whatever you do, don’t take your device to the bathroom. Come on, you’ve been on a call and heard that toilet flush, haven’t you? D on’t do that.

9. Pay attention. Don’t try to get caught up on other work during the meeting. It’s likely you’re not going anywhere and neither is the work.

10. Learn how to push that little “Leave Meeting” button. The host should be last to leave.

Technology is new and constantly changing. We’re all adapting to how we need to use it effectively.

Do your homework and make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Cell Phone Etiquette In Meetings


It’s a simple request. You’re in a meeting or church or at a funeral or in the movie theater. Turn your cell phone off or at least have the decency to put it on silent.

If your phone rings audibly in a meeting, you are not mature enough to either own a cell phone or be in that meeting.

Everyone has emergencies and reasons they need to remain available. Ever phone also has the option to vibrate on silent.

Here are some basics of cell phone etiquette in meetings.

1. Turn the phone off or put it on silent and vibrate only. I recently sat through a meeting where the meeting host’s cell phone rang multiple times throughout the day. It was not on silent.

2. If you absolutely have to take a call take it outside the room.

3. Don’t listen to voice mails when seated in the meeting. If you absolutely have to hear the message, get up and leave the room.

4. Don’t read your email or texts during a meeting.

5. Likewise, don’t respond to email or texts during a meeting.

It’s a little sad, really, that we have to think about these things. There was a time when this would have been second nature. But techology has made us all important and made everything urgent.

Still, that’s no excuse for not being polite.