We Can’t Stay Too Long at the Fair

News comes this morning that the State Fair of Virginia is canceled for this fall.

Read more at WTVR: State Fair of Virginia canceled.

The Fair announced that they will hold a modified 4-H Livestock Show in October to recognize the hard work of the youtn in the program.

This news follows the news that The Tournament of Roses Parade will not be held in 2021.

In the event production industry, these are hard things to hear.

It will be some time before we can all gather safely, without restrictions.

So here at Historic Occasions, we’re using this time to plan and to adapt. Even when we’re “beyond” the virus, if we ever are, what are our events and productions going to look like?

What best practices can we put in place under a pandemic that will still be beneficial when things are back to something approaching normal?

These are questions we all need to be asking.

Let’s figure this out together.

How to Host Your Own Oscar Party


The 89th Oscars will be broadcast live on ABC on February 26th.

If you can’t make it to the red carpet, consider hosting a viewing party of your own. Here are some ideas:

1. Make it a party! Invite lots of friends. The more the merrier. And don’t forget to have designated sitters to hold your friend’s seat when they get up to go to the bathroom.

2. Encourage folks to dress up. No, you don’t need a $10,000 designer gown or tux, but asks your guests to come dressed for the festive atmostphere. You can even have a prize for the Best Dressed.

3. Have your own red carpet ceremony. All you need is the entry way and your phone for this one.

4. Make it a guessing game. When the nominations come out print up your own Oscar ballot and have guests fill them out as they arrive.

5. Make it a pot luck occasion. The food is always better that way and you don’t go broke in the process. You can even have awards for best food items if you’d like. But just ask your friend to bring their favorite party foods.

7. Decorate. If you’ve got some vintage movie posters, use them. Otherwise balloons and streamers along with a few gold stars provide all the atmosphere that you need. You can even consider taping down Hollywood stars for each of your friends as they enter your home. Just make sure they’re secured enough to be walked out without tripping anyone.

And of course,

8. Watch the Oscars Live!