All good things…


…must come to an end.

This will be the last post here at Historic Occasions. I’m not renewing the domain name which officially expires in September.

I’ve thought about it. In fact, last year I had this same conversation with myself. I tried to tell myself that this is my umbrella production organization, and it may yet be. But at this point, it’s just extra busy work to try to keep up another website.

Historic Occasions was born from a dream back in the early 1990s when I was a meetings and convention planner in Washington, DC. My team and I created some incredible experiences all across the country.

Much has changed in that time, from the job focus, to the address.

While I’ll continue to do productions and events, I work now, apart from the day job, as Managing Director of Chamberlayne Actors Theatre. I’m an author and a playwright and have several works in progress. I am, when we’re open, a Merchandise Associate and performer at Kings Dominion.

And, I’m Santa Claus. No, really.

It comes down to the simple fact that this blog is simply not advancing the cause.

So, it is time to say so long and farewell.

Follow my other endeavors at the links below.

Michael R. Fletcher, Writing Editing, and Graphic Design 

The Write Side of My Brain

Santa Mike RVA

Thanks. We’ll see you around.

These are not the Tonys we’re looking for

These are not the Tonys we’re looking for

COVID-19 has devastated the economy and, in particular, the performaing arts community. Theaters have shut down across the country with no idea when it will be safe to return. Hollywood is at a standstill.

And just this past week we learned that Broadway will stay closed until September (CBSNews). That’s not surprising since New York City is one of the hardest hit areas in the country. Still, it hurts.

To make up for it, partially, Disney Plus announced this week that they will air the filmed version of the original cast of Hamilton beginning July 3, a year earlier than expected.

Don’t throw away your shot.

Speaking of throwing away, CBS tried, but they really can’t replace the Tonys.

They’ve scheduled a “Sing-a-Long” of the movie version of Grease.

This is not the one that we want…ooh…ooh…ooh…

Sure, Grease is a great movie. We even saw the original show on Broadway before the movie.

But it’s not quite up to the level of replacing the Tonys.

It’s just not.

We’ll probably watch anyway.

Michael Fletcher
Managing Director
Historic Occasions

A New Design and a Return to this Blog

Sorry we’ve been absent for a while. Life’s been a little busy. And the truth is we post Monday through Friday at The Write Side of My Brain.

Still, if we’re going to keep the news going about our little production company, we need to talk about…production. So, work with us here.

New designs are available this week at our CafePress shop.  Click the picture to visit the shop:

More news is happening on the production front.  Two meetings in the next week to talk about A Doublewide, Texas Christmas at CAT Theatre, and You Can’t Take It With You at Williamsburg Players. The 2018-2019 theater dance card is filling up.