Five Stock Market Blogs We Love


On this day in 1929 the stock market crashed on the New York Stock Exchange. The day became known as “Black Thursday.”

Times may be uncertain, but to help you manage your money, here are five blogs about stocks and investing.

Financial Ducks in a Row
Jim Blankenship, CFP®, EA, is an independent, fee-only financial planner. His blog is primarily dedicated to discussions and information on personal income tax, detailing many of the provisions of IRA and other retirement plan rules, as well as advice, thoughts, and recommendations with regard to pretty much anything financially-related. Traders Blog
Go here for some good general market analysis and trading updates as well as guest posts from other stock traders.

A Wealth of Common Sense
Ben Carson, CFA focuses on wealth management, investments, financial markets, and investor psychology.

Downtown Trader
Joey Fundora is a private trader specializing in swing trading of stocks almost exclusively through the use of technical analysis.

The Lund Loop
Brian Lund has been an independent trader for 25 years offering informative posts sometimes laced with humor.

October 10, 2016: Five Blogs We Love

There’s a lot to look at and read out there on the Internet.  Each Monday we’ll point you to some of the best content.

Mere Inkling
A devoted fan of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien writes about writing, Christianity, History, and humor.

The Insatiable Traveler
Awesome photography celebrating the world one photo, one story, at a time.

Comics and the Cross
Paul offers the ramblings of an American Scotsman and his Love for God and Comic Books.

The Boardinghouse Series
Robert Palmer writes a continuing series of short stories.

In Our Fam
Erin Mahone writes about the joys, and trials, of motherhood, handling the challenges with humor, love and total honesty.


Five Thanksgiving Posts We Love


It’s Thanksgiving week. All across America folks are finalizing travel plans, or cleaning the house, or searching Google for “how long does it take to defrost a turkey?”

There are many different Thanksgiving. Here are five Thanksgiving blog posts we thought you’d like.

Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season
Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts says “There is a danger, I believe, in identifying one day a year as Thanksgiving Day. It’s the danger of implying that thanks is due on this day, but not on others. We face a similar danger, for example, when we designate the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Shouldn’t children honor their mothers more than once a year? Similarly, shouldn’t we be thankful more often than once a year on the fourth Thursday of November?” Read on.

Tiny Buddha offers 7 Simple Ways to Create Thanksgiving Every Day.
Arvind Devalia says, “Thanksgiving Day will be gone all too soon, but there is no reason why you cannot continue the spirit of Thanksgiving all year around.” Read on.

CBC Music serves up a Thanksgiving Playlist. Sure, it’s Radio Canada, and Canadian Thanksgiving is a different day of celebration, but the music is good.

The Galveston Blog offers 10 Ways to Ensure a Happy Thanksgiving. It’s a short and simple, but helpful, list.

Finally, it’s what Thanksgiving is all about. What Christians Want to Know lists 10 Great Thanksgiving Prayers.

Have a favorite Thanksgiving post? Tell us about it in the comments.

MONDAY: Five Blogs We Love


It’s Monday and we’re going to talk about five blogs we love. We think you’ll like them too.

Young House Love
Jon and Sherry Petersik started out blogging about the rennovations of their first home several years back. They did it with such style and purpose that three houses and two children later, Young House Love is their full time occupation. They’ve published two books and developed their own line of hardware sold exclusively at Target. About a year ago they took a break from the blog, but it appears they might be making a slow return. We hope they do.

Richmond Beermeister
What’s not lot love? Richmond is becoming a great town for craft beers. Richmond Brewmeister share reviews of the latest offerings and keeps you up to date on the latest beer happenings around town.

Viral Upcycle
Truth be told, we just found this one. But we love how Heather Iglesias takes ordinary objects, and sometimes things headed for the trash and reworks them into beautiful and useful objects. Heather says, “Upcycling can give you a beautiful creative life while being frugal and thoughtful of earth’s resources.”

Susan Whetzel is a wife and mom living in and blogging from a small town in Southwest Virginia. But that doesn’t keep her from traveling and blogging about great food and ideas. She’s published three cookbooks including one exclusively about S’mores.

Tom Vander Well writes about life, faith, and theater, among other things. Daily he takes a passage of Scripture and expounds on it with profound insight. He also talks about his wife, his daughters and his home on the lake.

Have a favorite blog? Leave a link in the comments. We’ll check it out.

photo credit: Keyboard Blue Glow via photopin (license)