Five Blogs About Brownies that We Love


Today is National Blonde Brownie Day. We’ll take it. It gives us an excuse to point to give blogs with great brownie recipes.

My Baking Addiction
Jamie has a whole page dedicated to delicious brownie recipes. We’d like to try the Peppermint Cocoa Brownie Cups right about now.

Browneyed Baker
Check out the Chocolate Frosted Brownies with a delcious chocolate buttercream frosting.

Susan Branch
Susan shares her Mom’s homemade brownie recipe for chewy brownies filled with walnuts and love.

Sally’s Backing Addiction
Fudgy, chewy, homemade brownies.

Shari’s Berries
You know all about the delicious treats you can get from Shari’s Berries, but check out their post of the 50 Best Brownie Recipes…Ever.

Have a favorite brownie recipe? Share it in the comments.

Five Blogs about the Nativity that We Love

Image: The Nativity, Western Dioces of the Armenian Church, Burbank, California

Image: The Nativity, Western Dioces of the Armenian Church, Burbank, California

Christmas is Friday and Christians all over the world welcome the
coming of the Christ child. Homes and churches display the
traditional nativity scene with the child in the manger surrounded by
angels, shepherds, kings and animals. It’s a romanticized version of
the actual history, but it tells the story.

Here are five blog posts that talk about the Nativity and what it
means to Christianity.

Stone Gable Blog asks and answers the question “What is the

At Salt and Light, Vivian Cabrera sits down with producer and
correspondent Sebastian Gomes to talk about the Birth of the Messiah.

Pastor Bill Randles looks at the gospel of Luke and the descripion of
the Nativity: On Singing Christmas…Luke’s Nativity pt 10.

At Noelle Kirchner offers 8 Nativity Activities to Teach
Little Ones about Christmas.

Youth Ministry 360 offers 10 Christmas Story Takeaways Your Students
Need To Know.

MONDAY: Five Blogs We Love

In our continuing series, here are five more great blogs you should check out.

300 words a day
Five days a week Jon talks about his life following Jesus, usuallly 300 words at a time.

Glitchy Artist
Alex Markovich shares his love for photograph and art from his home in Russia. He says his style is Contemplative Photography because it gives an “evanescent mood and a deep feeling for the present moment.”

Word Jazz
Sharing a love of language and how it is used in art, in media, in advertising, and in everyday conversation. Check him out and increase your own vocabulary.

Pursuit of Life
John shares his love of the outdoors and taking photographs. He’s had the opportunity to work in several countries as an ESL teacher. He’s now in Colorado and we get to enjoy his photography.

The Daily Post
Here’s an excellent resource for WordPress bloggers. Whether you’re new to blogging or a veteran there’s lots of good stuff here.

MONDAY: Five Blogs We Love


It’s Monday and we’re going to talk about five blogs we love. We think you’ll like them too.

Young House Love
Jon and Sherry Petersik started out blogging about the rennovations of their first home several years back. They did it with such style and purpose that three houses and two children later, Young House Love is their full time occupation. They’ve published two books and developed their own line of hardware sold exclusively at Target. About a year ago they took a break from the blog, but it appears they might be making a slow return. We hope they do.

Richmond Beermeister
What’s not lot love? Richmond is becoming a great town for craft beers. Richmond Brewmeister share reviews of the latest offerings and keeps you up to date on the latest beer happenings around town.

Viral Upcycle
Truth be told, we just found this one. But we love how Heather Iglesias takes ordinary objects, and sometimes things headed for the trash and reworks them into beautiful and useful objects. Heather says, “Upcycling can give you a beautiful creative life while being frugal and thoughtful of earth’s resources.”

Susan Whetzel is a wife and mom living in and blogging from a small town in Southwest Virginia. But that doesn’t keep her from traveling and blogging about great food and ideas. She’s published three cookbooks including one exclusively about S’mores.

Tom Vander Well writes about life, faith, and theater, among other things. Daily he takes a passage of Scripture and expounds on it with profound insight. He also talks about his wife, his daughters and his home on the lake.

Have a favorite blog? Leave a link in the comments. We’ll check it out.

photo credit: Keyboard Blue Glow via photopin (license)